Process Makes Perfect
Our process-based system ensures durable, long-lasting results for every customer we serve, every time we coat, and our experienced project managers deliver turnaround times largely unmatched in the industry.

This commitment to excellence has made Precision Powder Coating a preferred powder coating service provider among manufacturers and fabricators in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas for more than two decades.
Need to remove an existing finish? Precision offers professional sandblasting, thermal & chemical stripping, and hand-cleaning for large parts.
Sandblasting increases surface area and provides better tooth for bonding as well as provides a clean smooth surface for very cosmetically pleasing finish. Our in-house sandblasting capabilities allow us the ability to quickly and efficiently prepare parts for coatings while expediting project delivery times.

We sandblast with a variety of abrasive medias in our 27' long sandblast booth. Abrasive blasting is a highly efficient method used to remove rust, mill scale, laser oxide and many other contaminants requiring mechanical removal.
5-Stage Immersion
Our 5-stage immersion process is state of the art, designed to improve coating adhesion and corrosion resistance for raw ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

The process includes a high-temperature alkaline bath to strip the substrate of all oils, manufacturing greases, and other contaminates before adding an iron phosphate conversion coating which improves coating adhesion while acting as a corrosion inhibitor. We maintain a clean alkaline bath by regularly removing oil removed via surfactants and a filter system.
Powder Coating
Our signature powder coating service results in a durable, high quality finish and will ensure your parts are looking like new for years to come. Our powder coating process results in a scratch-resistant finish, one which is both beautiful and low-maintenance. Precision has become the Pacific Northwest's go-to for professional powder coating for manufacturers and fabricators.

  • Exceptionally quick turn-a-round times
  • Immersion pre-treatments and in-house sandblasting
  • Durable, long-lasting finishes
  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Pick-up and delivery in the Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA areas
Do you need to store your part? For larger commercial customers, we have the ability to stock finished goods in-house, as well as pick, pack and ship parts via any major courier. Please call for additional details.
A Wide Selection of Beautiful Finishes
We feature a large selection of the highest quality industrial powder coatings from leading manufacturers.

Ready to Get Started?
Have an upcoming project in the works that could benefit from our services? You'll love our speedy turn-a-rounds, quality craftsmanship, and most of all our friendly team. Feel free to browser our gallery, request a free estimate or contact us with any questions.